Paul Perley Cellos Accessories

Musician's Tote Bag

There's a rehearsal tonight. Let's see – music: under one arm, pencils: better go in in the left pocket, tuner, in the other pocket, stand: under the arm that's holding the music, water bottle: ... whoa. You haven't even got the cello case over the other shoulder yet. 

No wonder so many musicians use tote bags for gigs and rehearsals. Ours is heavy duty with aggressively stitched handles and specifically designed for music. It will easily hold all your playing gear plus provisions like food & water (for those long, pre-concert sessions), and still have room to spare. Plus it provides you with the status of our nationally recognized logo. Attractive. And musical. 

$23.00 each + $8.50 shipping
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When you call, ask about our Paul Perley Cellos T-Shirt too! Check it out in the photo collage, modeled by our student Elaina.

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